Team 8 (Suzy)

[Ed. Note: I’m going to try to write shorter posts!]

I made a new friend! This is hardly newsworthy, except that part of my midlife ennui has to do with how small the world seems to have become. On the first day of class, the professor divided us into eight “teams.” Great idea, totally sound pedagogy, though in this case it quickly became clear that the professor intends for each team to “present” “summaries” of each chapter. There is no lecture in the course, only bored undergraduates reading snippets of the textbook verbatim.

But never mind, I made a new friend! The only other white girl in the class is a 39-year-old, tatted up lass from Scotland named Suzy. We connected by giving each other the side-eye over the instructor’s negligence but especially one of our teammates (more on that later). Suzy is picking up prerequisites in anticipation of returning to school for a Master’s in Art Therapy in order to work with brain-injured veterans. She’s a former high school art teacher, she recently sold her tattoo business, and she’s about to marry a Marine Corps colonel. She’s really cool and someone I never would have met, let alone hung out with, if I hadn’t broken out of my little pen.

I’m not learning much about Human Development, but the class still feels worth it just for this–the feeling that something new and good is possible.

Also, who knows, maybe she’ll cut me a deal on a tattoo.

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